Chinese tea selection and appreciation of knowledge presentation

Tea, people only focus on the tea itself, color, smell, taste, shape and beautiful , but also equipped with scientific and practical and artistic high tea . For tea appreciation and options, including : type, texture , origin , age, size, weight , thickness , form, color, color, luster , sounds , calligraphy, writing , drawing, enamel , facilities, etc., is a comprehensive of profound knowledge .    1 colorful tea    My oldest tea is made ​​of clay pottery , similar to today's Sichuan, Yunnan tea pot roast , tea can also be filled with as it shapes simple, heavy rough, after the development of the Western Han Dynasty glazed pottery tea set, after glazing , not only bright and smooth appearance , but also have bright colors , which compared to raw pottery tea set on the U.S. much more . After tea after our multifaceted development , emerging species are stove , teapot , teacup , tea cup , cup of tea and other special dish . According to Lu Yu Tang Dynasty "tea" the broad sense , including storage tea tea , grind tea, tea, tea, tea utensils tune , tea and other processes of more than 20 species .    From tea material texture , the country appeared species are clay , porcelain, bronze , tin, gold, silver , jade, agate , lacquer , cloisonne and so on. In modern times , places pottery tea set , porcelain tea -based, as well as glass tea set , ceramic tea sets , it is flourishing , mix. Since around drinking habits , and natural climatic conditions of different teas , tea can be applied flexibly. Such as the Northeast , North China area in addition to tea with a teapot , the general practice of using a covered cups direct brewing . Sichuan area is like to use porcelain " tureen Cup" small mouth outsole that covered a small bowl , here there is a small saucer . Tea and tea relationship is very close , to be brewing tea with a good tea , can complement each other . The merits of tea , have a significant impact on the quality and grade of tea drinkers mood will . Because tea is both real products , but also ornamental products , but also has an excellent gift items.   " Dream of Red Mansions " in the cage Tsui Um Miaoyu have tea , is extraordinary : successful kiln "colorful small cap cup ," there guanyao bodiless white tureen filled with " Beryl bucket " , as well as antique Treasure the two ancient cup of tea at the time of this description is a very colorful .    Generally speaking , tea is now prevailing in porcelain, glass majority, followed by pottery , enamel followed. All kinds of tea to porcelain tea sets, pottery tea is best , followed by glass tea sets , tea sets again the enamel . Because, porcelain tea unhappy heat , heat is moderate, does not react to the tea , tea can get better color, flavor , and appearance modeling, exquisite decor , artistic appreciation value. Pottery tea sets, elegant shape, color quaint, especially Yixing is陶中珍products, used to make tea , alcohol and flavor , soup clarification , good insulation properties , even in the summer tea also perishable . However, due to the opaque pottery , it is difficult to appreciate the tea cup shoots Beau , its defects. If you use glass tea brewing tea, such as Longjing, Biluochun , Silver Needle , Guapian so ethereal mist cup clarify a Bi , blossoming bud , slim, or flag gun staggered up and down the ups and downs , refreshing drink and watch the pleasing, do not have fun , give full play to the superiority of transparent glassware . As enamel tea also has its advantages , although the appreciation of the value in use can not compare to the several and home office is not suitable , King off less solemn , but durable, easy to carry, suitable for the factory floor, and travel sites . As a plastic tea set, because the texture of relations, flavor impact, except for temporary use , usually are not suitable . In particular, avoid using plastic warm cup of green tea brewing senior , because long-term insulation cup , so tea redness , low odor , nausea, and a cooked flavor, too unpleasant.    Some areas , tea is the complete set , such as: storage tea, tea , tea , tea sets ; lamp cover care kits ; copper, porcelain , tin and other combination sets and other appliances . For example, in Chengdu, Sichuan , " Gaiwan Cha " , using a copper teapot , porcelain tureen , tin cup holder , with this series of bubble tea into tea, color, smell , taste, shape Ju Zhen excellent, really "authentic Sichuan " .    Tang Dynasty, from the "tea" can be seen, mainly folk still ceramic bowl , porcelain, pottery color than white , more delicate texture , which is conducive to better enjoy tea color . Since the Tang Fu fighting in vogue, aristocratic family began to appear in gold, silver, copper, tin and other metal tea sets, tea sets such very expensive , but because of the expensive , bulky , and not spread in the community. Song Dynasty porcelain tea cup with tea and more , small mouth open at the end, there are black glaze , the glaze sauce , green glaze and other varieties , mainly black , " bucket of tea ," tea mostly with black glaze at the end. Green tea glaze Yuan more black glaze has gradually been replaced by blue light glaze tea cup . Ming Dynasty prevailed with a tea cup , has emerged since the mid teapot with pots and fashion . To the Qing Dynasty , Guangzhou woven gold polychrome , Fuzhou bodiless lacquer tea have sky. In modern times, there has been a glass tea and enamel tea , make our country more colorful tea , deportment thousands . Modern tea not only in the production of technically advanced than in the past , but also in the variety, color , plastic arts but also sophisticated appearance than in the past .    China's current tea , still " King porcelain " and " Yi Tao " is the most popular and expensive , universally tea consumers.    2 There jade porcelain tea known    White porcelain , as early as the Tang Dynasty had " fake jade ," said. Among the most famous Jingdezhen produced . Northern Song Dynasty, Jingdezhen porcelain tea production , quality thin smooth , Fan Qing -white , elegant looking, and there are green shadow engraving, printing and brown stippling decoration. Ming Dynasty, on the basis of porcelain and also created a variety of ceramic products sleek , aggravation delicate, color brighter , Painting vivid.   " Businessmen leave , Fuliang previous month to buy tea ." Fuliang now the Jingdezhen , is an old tea area . In the Tang Dynasty, Jingdezhen able to produce high quality tea . Southern Song Dynasty, Jingdezhen Hutian successfully made ​​a brownish yellow, sky blue , the so-called micro- blue pinstripe rabbit hair light . Today, the popularity of green tea Jingdezhen tea , there is a "blue Ssangyong tea " on their teapots , cups , trays are painted with a pair of flying volley , imposing dragon , green rim around the colorful ribbon trim also very delicate , very enjoyable. Blue and white glaze , fresh and elegant , with strong ethnic style and Chinese style. Most of King porcelain tea set with a delicate decoration, such as wall painted with plain rivers, seasonal flowers , animals , characters and stories fine drawing , or a few lines of philosophical rather build Qiu Jin calligraphy , with a high aesthetic value. With this and other tea brewing tea, drink tea at the same time , watch the tea will not have some fun .    In addition to King porcelain , but there are some other porcelains , Tanglu Yu "tea" that: " the bowl , the more states , Ding York times , Wuzhou times ......" " Xing porcelain class silver, more like porcelain jade" " Xing Dan porcelain white and brown , green and brown porcelain more green . " Some people think Xing and more states are produced in the same bowl superior quality , in fact, not so. If Xing porcelain floor like silver, porcelain more like jade, which is not as good as the more Xing porcelain porcelain point ; If snow XING porcelain figurines , porcelain more like ice , which is not as good as the more Xing porcelain porcelain second point ; Xing porcelain white is now easy to make soup red , green porcelain more easy to make soup now green, which is not as good as the more Xing porcelain porcelain third point . Du Yu Jin " Fu" pointed out: " Jane is Ze Tao , from East corner " here refers to the state system is more bowls, catchy not curling , shallow bowl curved surface , the volume is less than half a liter . More states porcelain, porcelain Yuezhou color green , so green tea Tangcheng Qing . Xing porcelain white to make tea color red ; Taizhou porcelain yellow , make tea color purple ; Hongzhou porcelain brown so dark tea color . The type of porcelain for tea soup has different effects . Longquan celadon tea set with its simple and elegant shape , fine porcelain glaze thick, soft colors and renowned Chinese and foreign. Many ancient poets have praised the poem , such as: Tang poet Lu Guimeng have used " nine autumn Lu Yue, won Shiqianfeng Cuise to " the beauty of the poem , depicting Yue porcelain magnificent colors. Meng Jiao poem: " Monsanto jade flower do , the more Ou lotus empty ." Gu "tea Fu ," says: " Ding Shu iron , such as gold , jade 's more mud bowl ." Han poem: "Shu Xing paper coal dip pen , the more liquid fat rhino tea cup ." Xu in the " tribute tea cup over secret color ," a poem said: " Qiao Liang Spring pluck the moon , light ice Shenglv Yun Shi , ancient mirror broken when moss gallery , tender letters reveal not charge river spray . " all seem to happy associations .    3 purple porcelain - Yixing tea    Development porcelain tea set , ceramic tea sets make dwarfs , but with Yixing pottery , porcelain tea set was able to compete with the name of the world. It was called the purple purple porcelain tea set .    Yaochen: "Purple mud new Pan Chunhua , " Zu was sent Xuancheng Crow Valley Camellia poem: . " Snow storage dual sand , poetry Zhuoyu flawless ," the poem describes a " purple clay " , " sand " and Yixing tea making tea the fragrance, color and taste better .    Yixing purple clay tea set made ​​of , really fragrant tea tea neither wins nor cooked soup gas , a longer time to maintain color, flavor tea . Su said that the design of a teapot , it emulated the natural branches as ancient blue pot handle , with ocher melon -type steel body, engraved with ancient Vatan and exquisite calligraphy , elegant simplicity , color contrast , complement each other , are ancient literati considered to have practical value of the treasures . Teapot shape are: antique , light vegetarian goods ( no flowers without words ) , flower goods ( intended pine, bamboo and plum natural image ) , muscle sac ( geometric patterns ) . Artists with a knife as pens, books made ​​, painted , printed integrated, constitute an ancient朴清雅style. Generally used in ordinary teapot , then mold making, thick mud , but still missing the Yixing tea , " tea is not stale " features. There was such a legend : a mason when repair the house, put a Yixing teapot Yixing pottery produced on the roof of the ceiling , after the completion forget to take away , after a few years later , when repair houses found it again , and the jug of tea liquor color , aroma, taste actually wire ho unchanged. The legend may be a bit exaggerated, but also illustrates the performance and advantages of Yixing teapots .    Yixing tea unique process , since it is a fine work of art , but also the special use value , has always been the subject of praise . The so-called "Tea Notes ( ie, the tea pot ) Mo wonderful in the sand, and the pot of sperm donors than Yangxian ( Jiangsu Yixing ancient name ) , will be made ​​in Yixing pottery pot , ' over the tea ' ( tea ) will also use appropriate pot " of Yixing blessed in every possible way , from the Song, Yuan , Ming and Qing Zhu on behalf of the monograph has described in detail .    The main production Teapot natural colored clay mud , namely: purple clay , mud cinnabar , big red mud , dark green clay, green clay of the mountain , is a major specialty of Yixing . Resource -rich clay hillside deep in the local rock among the mud layer sandwiched in hybrid , it is " rock rock, mud, mud ," said. Mud -colored red instead Yan , purple and not Cha , yellow instead of Johnson , rather than black ink , fine texture rolls, good plasticity , after repeated selection , repeated tempering , molding , and then into the 1100 ℃ to 1200 ℃ Make high-temperature tunnel kiln firing pottery . As the main component of purple clay in silicon oxide , aluminum, iron and small amounts of calcium , manganese , magnesium , potassium, sodium and other chemical components, finished products like baking after showing red maple, purple like grapes, sting like a black chrysanthemum , yellow like oranges , green pine and other similar color, colorful, unpredictable .    Purple clay after firing into pottery, known as the " fire art" , according to the analysis and identification , Yixing teapots after sintering , has some permeability, have low water absorption , as well as good mechanical strength , adapt cold blast performance is excellent, even at high temperatures in cooking after Baidu , then quickly put the snow or subzero refrigerator , it will not burst.    Yixing tea is not only popular in China, but also exported to Japan, the Philippines , Australia, Singapore , Romania , the United States , Germany, France , Britain, Italy, more than 50 countries and regions participated in several international fairs 70 , won the gold medal , quite rated . There are " name is the name of Tao , the world is no class ", "陶中奇Pa ", " Chinese treasure ", " name Tao Kamijina ", " soil equivalent gold", " pot -inch handle , the surplus grip the cup , Jane with arch Choi, as precious as gems "and Compliments for Chinese and foreign ceramics connoisseurs , collectors cherish .    4 of exotic flowers and tea Pa    A long history of tea , tea sets and colorful , using different methods , there are many fascinating objects and things, such as:   ( 1 ) If Chen Meng Chen pot and cups    Guangdong Chaozhou , Shantou, Xiamen, Fujian , or , Zhangzhou, Quanzhou drink Gongfu , have realized that there is indeed a lot of Gongfu brewing unique. The first is the use of tea , do not take the red, green, tea , alone addicted to "own " ; longer be brewed method has many exquisite , roughly shall be rewarded tea , warm pot, tea set , warm bubble , brewing , pour pot, Wen Cup , transport pot, serve tea , tea and other procedures ; tea is also special, purple red pot is a pot , "big no gain grip" real time brand teapot , Hudi also carve " Meng Chen ," the seal and . Surprisingly then , a small cup of fine china small cup , only half the size of table tennis , saying , "If Chen Cup ."    Chen Meng Chen pot and cups if the prevalence is about in the Qing Dynasty . Bao Qing Shi hung in the "Min Diary" , said: " Zhang Quan each genus , vulgar yet Gongfu , delicate tea pots were small , such as walnuts , name Mang Kung pots, cups were tiny , name if Chen Cup . ." " Chi Xiamen " ( AD 1832 ) have written:" good drinking, vulgar , fine small appliances , pots must be said Mang Kung pots, cups Chen will say if one or two cups of tea heavy , expensive price to have four or five Fanyin , it is called . Gongfu . "   " Meng Chen pot" , the name of the original pot from names. Ming Tianqi ( AD 1621 ~ 1627 ) years, there is a famous Yixing pottery teacher called Hui Meng Chen , he produced a small pot of purple , fine shape, spectacular . Because he made ​​the pots are falling with style " Meng Chen ," then customary tea house called " Meng Chen pot ." Until his death in 300 years , which have " Meng Chen " section of the pot still kept appearing . He 's seen how popular pot .   " If Chen Cup" also comes from the names . Qing Zhang Xintai "Guangdong Tour little knowledge" has described : "The tide County , especially addicted to tea ...... Dingchen system Yixing pots, big if walnut , full storage of tea , with a strong decoction of carbon , at first glance , such as when the bubble boiling crab eyes , in Tsubouchi , if Chen were prepared to take the cup , I inch high , about 34 , a uniform pour the ...... " understand that to say ," If Chen prepared cup . " But what if when and where native Chen , pending further research.   ( 2 ) giant porcelain teapot    1951 Hyde Park in the UK 's major international exhibition features a large teapot , recently exhibited in Hong Kong. According to historical records , when the British Queen Victoria during a visit to the exhibition , was collected from the teapot pour out drink the tea .    This pot of about one meter high , expensive, perimeter 2 meters and weighs 27 kg , capacity 57.3 kg , 2.3 kg can bubble tea, cup of tea can be poured out 1200 , can be regarded as the world's most giant ceramic teapot present it. Worth about $ 880,000 .    The source of this large teapot has no reference. There are Chinese people from the glaze painted tea , tea , tea and baked tea export by sea transport picture analysis may be output when the Qing Dynasty tea, along with tea spread to the UK together .    The teapot is now owned by the British Twinings tea company, and hid in London this company tea museum.   ( 3 ) rare treasures - Gong Chun pot    Chun Gong making tea pot , superb skills , but few products , spread to future generations are even scarcer. Antiquaries Wu Qing Qian, Zhang Shu is not a connoisseur , devoting effort to find , because of failure to find the " Gong spring pot " and sighed so unhappy , can only sigh and said , " this treasure , the world has gone . " In 1928, there was a ruined house in Yixing remediation shanjuandong reservoir south of Mr. Strong , attaches great importance to cultural homeland , had at all costs to search Gong spring maker. One day, he accidentally discovered in Suzhou, a cold stalls odd shape of ancient pottery teapot , stall owner was put aside as a worn-out scrap , Mr. Chu met with curiosity took a look under the pot as much . " Gong spring " word , much surprise , immediately bought by five hundred silver dollars , he was the adventure , glad endless. In order to research the origin , authenticity identification , but also to find a cold stall people questioning , I discovered this spring pot Gong is spread out from绍兴傅t and at home , store and rushed home绍兴傅understand , originally known Fu Fei collection before all , Fisher went to ask , knowing Fei Wu before the collection ; while Wu is the proceeds from another collector Shen Jun and place.    Gong Chun pot of discovery , the news spread abroad , the Royal House Museum come to discuss the cost of 2 million dollars , requested Mr. Chu transfer, storage believes national treasure, did not agree . When the war, Japan has sent someone to look for storage , willing to 8,000 yuan purchase consideration , Mr. Chu refused to sell . He is protecting national treasures , simply bring the pot to the mountains in spring Gong villa seclusion go.    1950s, Mr. Chu Chun Gong pot will be dedicated to the country , now housed in Beijing Museum of History.   ( 4 ) teapot lid Acme    Over the years, people often covered in a teapot engraved " also may be in order , clean heart " five words . Many people do not know the secret lies. In fact , this is a return style. Just a clockwise direction , no matter where one word began to read , can be a sentence , and the exact meaning, are explained the benefits of tea drinking .    Further reading: the type and origin of tea    Tea , according to a narrow range , mainly referring to the cup , teacup , teapot , tea cup , saucer , tea trays and other utensils . Delicious aroma of tea accompanied by high quality, elegant tea , better bring the tea -colored liquid , maintaining strong tea. Especially refined tea , but also a work of art , both tea drink , which can make people enjoy the beauty , to add unlimited tea taste .    Our tea variety, different textures , forms a complex , rich colors , are presented below :    1 clay tea    Clay is an important invention has Neolithic . Coarse earthenware initially and then gradually evolved into a more solid hard pottery , and further development of surface dressing glazed pottery glaze . Ancient pottery Yixing quite developed in the Shang and Zhou dynasties , there have been s***ped hard geometric pottery . Qin and Han dynasties , glazed pottery has been fired .    Pottery leader devaluation Yixing tea in the early Northern Song Dynasty had already emerging as a unique identity of excellent tea , very popular in the Ming Dynasty . Pottery teapot and general different, the inside and outside do not apply the glaze , using local mud purple , red mud , mud Tuan Mission Hill roasting system . Due to high temperature ceramic fire , sintering dense , aggravation delicate, neither leakage , there are invisible pores, prolonged use , but also drain attached to the tea , bedding flavor ; and heat fast, without hot ; If the hot days Sheng tea , easy sour rancid ; upheaval even cold , it will not rupture ; , if necessary , can even directly on the stove to simmer stew . Yixing tea also has a concise style and generous, honest tone quaint features , like bamboo shape there , lotus root , pine segment and imitation ancient Shang and Zhou bronzes shape. " Taoxi Hakka ", said: " Yang Xian ( ie Yixing ) pots filled evident season starts , the person with Jin equivalence ." Showing its luxury . Express shock enjoy " belongings " records: " who is on the pot with sand , incense cover neither wins nor cooked soup gas ."    Jiajing and Wanli , has appeared in two remarkable purple craft master - Gong spring ( for spring ) and his apprentice big bin . Wu Chun Gong Yi Shan Scholars who have young nunnery , he was very intelligent , studious , read along with the owner in Yixing Sands temple, the temple idle often help the old monk Tuan blank potter . Legend temple ginkgo trees, deep-rooted , Burl scene . Watching him day and night , is the mimic Burl , Burl kneading pot , unique, vivid exception. Lovely old monk met , he gave the life skills potter purse granted , so he eventually became known as a master potter . Products for spring called " Spring for pot" , novel compact, thin and solid texture , known as the " Spring for pot, SHINELITE Jin ." " Maroon secretly , such as ancient stone ; Dunpang intentions , how called gods ." Dabin works to break the pattern and multi- master taught as a small pot , decorated on Abode Jian , more in line with the fun of drinking tea . So there was a very respected verse : " Creepy stricken Xinshou out ", " the palace said Yan Dabin pot ." Qing Dynasty Yixing tea , on the basis of previous more development . Among the early Qing Chen Mingyuan and Jiaqing Pang Yang teapot made ​​famous in the world , especially . Chen Mingyuan crafted teapots , clear lines, contours obviously , the lid has a running script " Ming Yuan " seal , has been regarded as treasures . Yang Pang 's products, elegant and exquisite, do not die , readily molded into , seamless, was pushed to "When Shijie make ." At that time , Jiangsu Liyang magistrate Chen Mansheng , hobby teapot , workers in poetry, painting , sculpture, specifically to Yixing and Yang Pang with potter . Chen Mansheng design, production Pang Yang , then by Chen engraved calligraphy . His works Bank said, " Man born pot" , has been treasured by connoisseurs . Qing Dynasty Yixing teapot pot-shaped and decorated varied , wonderful, welcome at home and abroad are subject to the time of Fujian , Chaozhou area teapot boiling bubble congou use nearly all of Yixing ware ; 17th century, Chinese tea and teapot by sea to the West while Westerners call " red porcelain ." As early as the 15th century, the Japanese came to China to learn the potter technology, they are imitation pot , are still regarded as treasures of the Japanese people .    Nade made ​​teapot fine shape, color and simplicity , dazzling, become works of art . In the past it was said , a double purple tea , worth twenty gold, gold can compete with the price of land . Zhang Dai Ming Dynasty "Tao Dream Recollection ," said ; Yixing Gong Spring is in the tank , a sand tank , direct supplier Yi Zhou Ji Ding column and no sense of shame . Luxury imaginable.    In recent years, Yixing tea with greater development of new varieties are emerging. Designed specifically for Japanese consumers as artistic tea , known as " cross the pot ," according to the Japanese hobby , exquisite calligraphy carved in a pot surface Buddhist text, to become good tea with Japanese consumers .    Currently Yixing tea varieties has increased from forty to fifty kinds to more than six hundred kinds . For example , purple double mug, is welcomed by the masses of new products. Due to the delicate purple clay flexibility , plasticity, permeability, so the double firing mug for tea, with color, flavor and are Yun , summer is not easy to become rancid features. This cup capacity of 250 ml , as is the two-tier structure , not hot water into the cup , heat slowly , long holding time . Modeling varied, with melon wheel type , butterfly pattern type , as well as Plum , oval type , streamlined and so on. Artists using traditional carving techniques to bring paintings and positive , grass, Li, Zhuan various decorative techniques applied on Yixing pottery , making it unique combination of ornamental and practical products .    Teapot creator , the legendary Ming Dynasty Yixing Jinsha not a famous temple monks , he chose purple shape into a round mold and fine mud , with the mouth , handle, lid , put kiln firing . There is a loss of tree cover gall maker, incisive style , the existing Beijing Museum of History , is the only transmission products for the spring , but it was also suspected fakes. Since the Ming Dynasty for Spring ( Gong Spring ) to mimic the old ginkgo tree made ​​famous gall " for spring pot ", the master potter have appeared in Wanli of the Ming Dong Han , Zhao Liang , Wen Chang, when friends "four famous " after sometimes Dabin , Lizhong Fang , XU Youquan "three Cherish " , Qing Dynasty Chen Mingyuan , Yang Peng , Yang Shao wind in siblings and enjoy , Wong Yuk Lun , CHENG Shouzhen , Yu Guoliang , etc. Modern There Gu Jingzhou , Zhu Kexin , Jiang Rong et al , Gu Jingzhou recent book maker and Han Yun Choi mention pot , Department abroad gifts. Talented young artists is also rife .    Yixing tea style variety, the so-called "square one type of non- round mixed phase ." Carved flowers, birds, landscapes and calligraphy on each teapot , began in the late Ming and Qing Sheng Chia later, and gradually become purple decorative arts of the unique process . Many famous poets, artists had handwritten poem lettering on the teapot . " Sand pot map test" had in mind Banqiao homemade pot , handwritten poem goes: . " Sharp-tongued belly and big ears high, only a small amount of free unbearable hunger and cold tolerance would be proud big game , two three-inch water from the waves ."    Evaluation of a tea set , we should first consider its practical value. Only with the proportion of a tea set volume and weight appropriate to mention convenient to use pot , lid around the commissure , spout water smooth, refined colors and patterns to harmony , beauty and practical set of tea to get rapport combination to be counted as a perfect tea , Yixing tea will have these features .    Yixing tea is not only loved by our people , but also for the people of some countries overseas treasure . As early as the 15th century, Japan, Portugal, the Netherlands, Germany , the United Kingdom has put China on the ceramic workers teapot as a specimen to be counterfeit. Early 18th century, the Germans about · Buddha · package Tegel (JFBottger), not only made ​​the Yixing pottery , and in 1908 wrote an article entitled " cinnabar porcelain" paper . Beginning of this century , Yixing pottery was in Panama , London, Paris Expo exhibition , and in the 1932 Chicago Exposition award for adding luster to the history of Chinese ceramics .    2 porcelain tea set    The earliest pottery mainly of tea . After the invention of porcelain , ceramic tea set was gradually replaced by porcelain tea set . Porcelain tea set can be divided into white porcelain tea set, porcelain celadon tea and black tea and so on.   ( 1 ) white porcelain tea set    Sheng Tang Dynasty tea in the wind , and promote the development of tea production accordingly , there are many places are thriving Porcelain , formed a group to produce famous tea -based kilns . Each kiln fight America odd fight , compete with each other . According to the " Tang Dynasty Supplement " set, firing kilns in Henan Gong Xian tea also created " Tea God " Lu Yu porcelain figurines , tea merchants for each purchase several pieces , which presented a porcelain figurines , to solicit business . Others such as the Xing Kiln Renqiu , Yue Yuyao , Zhejiang , Hunan Changsha Kiln , Sichuan Dayi kiln , are also producing white porcelain tea set .    There are benefits in the Tang Dynasty porcelain "fake jade ," said. Northern Song Dynasty, Jing porcelain kiln production , quality thin smooth , Fan Qing -white , elegant looking, and there are green shadow engraving, printing and brown stippling decoration.    To the Yuan Dynasty, Jingdezhen porcelain is famous because of the firing . Blue and white porcelain tea set, pretty quiet and elegant, not only domestically were Jane , but also exported abroad.    Ming Dynasty, on the basis of Yongle, Xuande porcelain on , and create a variety of ceramic products are sleek , aggravation delicate, color brighter , Painting vivid, very expensive , selling overseas , the international reputation of the country " porcelain . "    Jiangxi Jingdezhen porcelain is the most famous , followed by such Liling , Tangshan, Hebei , Anhui Keemun white porcelain tea sets are also distinctive .    In addition , the traditional " wide color" tea is also very unique , its composition floral rigorous, flashing light, quaint character has caused , plus Sirkin add color , like the color line inextricably interwoven gold brocade on top , showing magnificent, elegant style.   ( 2 ) Celadon Tea    Jin Dynasty celadon tea began to develop , then the main origin of celadon in Zhejiang, the most popular is called " beheaded carriers " have mouth teapot . After the Six Dynasties , celadon tea has many Lotus ornamentation. Teapot Tang Dynasty also known as " tea note" , spout called " carriers " , in the form of short , replacing the carrier Jin beheaded when . Nishikawa Jiedushi Cui Ning daughter invention Legend Don a bowl bowl care, she made ​​the wax ring to secure the bowl position in the disk , and later evolved into a porcelain saucer , which is later saucer common sub- modern called "tea boat child", in fact, is back in " Zhou" put the bottle like bloom cup saucer called " boat" visible "boats ," said immemorial .    Song Dynasty tea, tea cup prevalent , and more widespread use of light care . Tea cup , also known as teapots , is actually a small bowl , enabling it to develop and maintain the taste of the tea aroma , which is very consistent with the scientific truth. Cup is too large, not only scent fugitive , and the multi- injection water containing heat, easily boiled tea, making tea to lose Xianshuang taste. Due to increased competition in the Song Dynasty kilns , technology, making tea species increased production of tea cup , teapot , cups and other variety, different style , color Alice , very different style . Zhejiang Longquan celadon tea County Ge production , transportation and sale for the first time in the 16th century in Europe , immediately aroused great interest. Gu Tang Dynasty "tea Fu ," saying: " The Ding Shu iron , such as gold , jade 's more mud bowl " ; Rixiu "tea cup " poem " Xing off with more people , able to make porcelain, round like falling Hedrick light clouds from the soul , "said ; Korea ," Wang Tong poem " the cloud ," the more liquid fat rhino tea cup . " These poems are praised Yue celadon jade -like beauty of tea . Song , one of the five famous kilns of Longquan, Zhejiang Ge reached its peak , the production of various types of blue porcelain, including teapot , teacup , tea cup , cups , trays , etc. Ou Riverbanks unprecedented , group kiln everywhere, fireworks sea, transportation to and from the ship flies, boom.   ( 3 ) black porcelain tea set    Song Dynasty in Fujian tea vogue bucket , bucket tea makers believe based on experience Jian kilns produced porcelain tea cup black tea is most appropriate to fight , so well-known . Song Cai Xiang "Tea recorded" , said: " brown white, black lights should , Jian who had made cyanosis black, lines such as rabbit hair , its micro- thick slab , the long hard cold hot , who most use out of his office , or thin. or the color purple, and also neither . their plainer light , do not fight from the test house . " this rabbit hair black porcelain tea cup , unique style, simple and elegant , and the magnetic quality thick insulation is good, so cherished by connoisseurs as a bucket of tea . Other kilns are also competing generic , such as Sichuan Provincial Museum has a black rabbit hair porcelain tea cup , Sichuan Guangyuan kiln is fired , its shape , porcelain , glaze and rabbit hair patterns and build porcelain nothing is not bad , almost lifelike .    Yuyao, Zhejiang Deqing area has produced over dark and bright, beautiful black shirt glazed tea , the most popular is a beheaded pot, teapot mouth that was beheaded like Japan Tokyo National Museum there are a still , name called " chicken pot ", was regarded as treasures.    In short , China's porcelain tea category are many throughout the country of origin , there are dozens of major , a few highlights here .    Jingdezhen porcelain Northern Song Jingde reign (AD 1004 ) , Shinshu Zhao Heng decreed , in the Office of the floating dye County Chang Zhen kiln , and the Chang Zhen renamed Jingdezhen . Then Jingde porcelain kiln production , quality thin smooth , Fan Qing -white , elegant looking, and there are a variety of colorful glaze and color cypress . Peng is owned then "send Xuzhun Tian poem" had this assessment : "floating dye clever porcelain color than Joan Nine ."    To the Yuan Dynasty, Jingdezhen porcelain is famous because of the firing . Blue and white porcelain tea sets, elegant moisturizing , not only for the total domestic Jane , but also exported abroad.    Ming Dynasty, Jingdezhen porcelain has become a national center . Jingdezhen porcelain on the basis of production , but also has created a variety of ceramic products are compact shape, aggravation delicate, brighter colors , vivid pictorial in the Ming Jiajing and Wanli be deemed buttresses . Liu Dong Ming Dynasty , in Wilson being with the " Royal Plaza features a little ," a book of " a cup of a pair, the value of one hundred thousand money ," said.    Nade gathered around the Qing Dynasty porcelain in Jingdezhen , there are a lot of technological innovation system resources . When the Yongzheng , enameled porcelain tea Taizhi white, body transparent , thin shell , has reached almost see the pure glaze, but not perfect Fetus degree . This porcelain can be seen against the light from the back of a tread pattern painted on , like " Wang Qingyun through the moon ," " every other light fog to see Castle ." Making clever , amazing.    Jingdezhen always attaches importance to the enamel colors, color glaze porcelain here is very famous a long time ago . Our porcelain glaze decoration , some originated in the Shang Dynasty pottery. Green glazed porcelain appeared in the Eastern Han Dynasty , Tang Dynasty created the yellow, purple , and green color, called Tang , and Song shadow blue , pink set of red, purple Jun, black glaze and so on. According to historical records , the Song and Yuan Dynasty , Jingdezhen kilns has more than 300 seats, color glazed accounts for a large proportion. The Ming and Qing dynasties , the color of the glaze removed from Jingdezhen kiln long, " to make artificial clever ," past and high attainments , creating Jun red , red and offering valuable Lang kiln red glaze . Jun is the earliest appearance of red copper red glaze varieties, Song Dynasty Yu County , Henan Junzhou firing from the Ming Dynasty , Jingdezhen porcelain mass production of Jun red . Yong Xuan Ming Dynasty years, Jingdezhen porcelain workers continue after Jun red , creating a festival of red . Ji Jiao not brilliant red , red through purple in color deep and stable , the ancient royal ceremonial vessels do with this red glazed , hence the name Ji red . Extremely difficult due to the firing , finished very low, so ultra-high net worth . Ancient festival in the production of red, very expensive materials such as coral, Mary , jade, pearls, gold and so the expense. Lang kiln red called ruby red hue colorful, colorful, people are also very popular favorite . Today, Jingdezhen has been restored and created more than 70 kinds of color glaze , such as Kwan Hung , Lang kiln red , green beans , green paper , etc., have to catch up or exceed the highest level in history , but also added a flame red, great patina, fragrant purple and other color glaze. These glazed porcelain furnishings not only for decorative craft , but also for decorative porcelain tea sets . Make porcelain " white as jade, thin as paper, bright as a mirror, sound as Hope " features more flourish.    Song Fujian Fujian Dehua porcelain fired porcelain with northern Fujian Jian'ou , Jianyang and Shaowu , Qin Ning, Jianning other places. Tea is used as a tea to fight multiple forms is also very inconsistent. Late Song , Yuanchu began in Quanzhou Dehua kiln built , white porcelain produced lovely ( Annals of Fujian ) . Tang , Jingdezhen porcelain tea sets and tea sets by Quanzhou Longquan porcelain export Song period of great influence in Quanzhou, Fujian porcelain , Dehua porcelain may be Jiangxi, Zhejiang kilns spread past .    According to the Fujian Dehua archaeological team right flexor Palace kiln people digging bucket , many types of Dehua porcelain , bowls, plates , pots, cans, wash cup and a dozen other . Elegant shape, color yellow gray, pleasant colors, colorful. Dehua porcelain prepared Yongchun Quanzhou become a major export commodity . According to research, such as the pupil Dehua porcelain cups , military support , the Executive pots and vases , etc., etc. have been found in Japan, Indonesia and India.