Glass tea with tea and fire

Try to improve stressfulAlthough tea has a transparent glass texture , glossy , gorgeous, plasticity, cheap and so on , but the glass cup brittle, easily broken, than ceramic hot, is its imperfection . Thus , while in the popular , how to make glass tea to go further, and this is a problem in many tea producers to consider .In the course of reporter visited the market found that glass tea style limited. Quanzhou Tongxin responsible林荣波Tea Co. , said: " The overall quality glass products is not high , there is nothing that is embellished with glass to enhance the quality , however, the development of tea in a glass , the required investment is relatively large , especially glass. large vessels into the mold . "Also, how to play a new pattern on the glass , which is a lot of confusion tea producers . According to reporters from Taiwanese suppliers Fu tea tea are informed , in order to adapt to market demand , companies began to lay emphasis on the tea liner , such as porcelain liner to replace the glass liner, the interior surface of the porcelain , the use of sophisticated printing technology a rich blue and white pattern , in order to change the grade glass tea set . Such tea , the entire interior with two glass and porcelain , as far as business description , porcelain tea foam liner can also be soaked Iron Goddess of Mercy . There are also some companies conduct research on tea height, width, and so on. In addition, the unique charm of living porcelain directed , there are also some companies began to live porcelain tea used in tea , visual effects , make flowers, birds , insects, fish and other patterns vivid , refreshing.