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Tea , the ancient tea or tea is also known . According to the Western Han Fu Wang Bao home say " unsettled about " have " to do with Pengcha , drink heavily have covered possession" of , which is China's earliest reference to " tea " in a historical , to the Tang Dynasty, " tea " in the term beginning in Tang Department visible , such as the Tang Dynasty, Lu Guimeng " Lingling total mind" , said: "off to limitation turns, race day sticking tea ." Bai " after sleeping tea Xing Yi Yang with the state poem " "This disposition rope bed , next to the wash tea . " Tang Dynasty writer Rixiu " Chu Jialin Pavilion Poems "have" emptying Gui Ying -shift tea "of the language , Song , Yuan and Ming dynasties , " tea "as used in a variety of books can be seen , such as" Song Li Zhi "contains:" the imperial purple mourning hall, six participation Officer to make a living in North ...... day gift tea fruit "The scope of the Song Dynasty Emperor Tea " tea " as a given product , showing the Song " tea " is very expensive , the Northern Song Dynasty painter Wen Tong has " absolutely quiet except for carrying tea tour " of the poem . Southern Song Dynasty poet Aung volumes written " an axis of Huang Ting shwemawa , poetry sac tea per carry ." The famous Yuan painter Wang Mian " Chuixiao the Gap Figure poem " have " tea jug boat head ." Early Ming called " Wu four Jie "is responsible for one night painter Xu invited his friends to drink tea , while Xing he wrote:" late Utah tea set , the song does not knock woke pot " is easy to see , whether it is Tang and Song Dynasties , or yuan Ming . painters, they often can read pen " tea ," a poem . Description Tea is an integral and important part of the tea culture .Tea narrow their scope refers to the cup, teapot , teacup , tea cup , saucer , tea tray and other appliances. Chinese tea , a wide range of elegant, in addition to practical value, but also high artistic value , and therefore famous for the ancient tea lovers of all ages. Due to the different production materials and origin is divided into clay tea set , porcelain tea set , lacquer tea sets, glass tea sets, metal tea , bamboo tea and jade tea and other categories.